Life in the old blog

So the old blog got a face lift, and when you do that the thing everyone does is to write a blog aticle about it. Well me too but it will be pretty short and not very detailed as there are loads of places that can cover thats better than me.

First stop was to move to my own domain name, get over to hover for that and setup to point to and have it server my new custom domain. Note I didn’t go for a .au domain becuase of price and the requirement of an ABN.

Like most folks the reason for the move is I find writting in blogger a PITA and as I spend most of my life in a text editor with scritping and the ocassional markdown language settling on using Jekyll for GitHub Pages was as they say a no brainer.

So go and grab Jekyll for your platform, a simple brew install on my Mac, and make sure you are using or have git, and get yourself a GitHub account and sign up to GitHub Pages.

All the kiddies are using git these days so if you are like me and have used every other version control system but git then check out this no BS git site to get yourself going with git.

There are loads of template options avialble for Jekyll, I settled on Hyde and didn’t want to spend all my time looking around. After that I stole / got insperation from a number of other places below such as:

The Hyde template comes with some diffrent colour themes. Some screenshots from below let me know which colours look best.

theme-base-08 theme-base-09 theme-base-0a theme-base-0b theme-base-0c theme-base-0d theme-base-0e theme-base-0f
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