Podcasts I'm listening too

For sometime I have been meaning to jot down some interesting, at least to me, podcast's that I listen to, with the recent complete re-install of my phone seemed like a good time to do this.

As I work in tech the list is predominately tech focused for a few years it was the TWiT network that dominated the Tech podcast but there are lots more on the radar these days. I wouldn't call the TWiT shows super technical indeed there are more useful to get a sense of what is happening at the consumer end of the industry which drives a lot of what we do.

I'm always on the look out for new and interesting stuff, so if you have any suggestions drop me a line

Recent Arrivals

Certainly has some handy tidbits and info especially if you are interested in whats going on in the DevOps space. They could do with some work on the audio quality but it's still early days for them.
Similar vane to the Food Fight Show , a little less Chef focused and again on occasion suffering in the audio quality department.
The best Apple conversation all week long. That's their tag line, I have added this as a replacement for MacBreak Weekly as I can get the same news in a much smaller timeframe. It must be said that these guys reallly should avoid drinking and pod-casting there Cult Cast live from Mac World is absolutely to be avoided.

Old favorites 

Out of the TWiT Studios this is on my regular listen list, occasional item I skip over but good coverage of some general open source software. I like the fact it's not Linux focused, some folks forget open source was about long before Linux.
Another TWiT show, I have a few, a little too long at times and often repeats items covered in All About Android and TWIT, still on the listen list for now.
Good android show, the App Arena is handy to find some useful app. The addition of Aaron Newcomb as a sometime guest host is a good asset to the show. Suffers by being too long at times.
The original and the classic from the TWIT network, nothing if not funny to hear a bunch or journos thinking they are geeks, definitely consumer IT, news and entertainment.
Serious Network geekery, I think if I here another show on SDN I'll scream. I regularly skip shows but like to keep an eye , or ear , on whats passing through here, and yes sometime too much networking can be enough.
The hidden side of everything, first of my non tech shows. Great generally interesting topics and a nice consumable length for my morning commute.
Similar vain to Freakonomics, good length and some quality general interest topics.
30 minutes of humorous British news, get it and have a laugh out load on your commute.

On the out 

Just didn't make it back on to the list mostly I just couldn't commit to listen daily even with the new format sticking to a better shorter show, add to this one of the hosts with and annoying voice I guess I'll consume my news more weekly.
Love hate relationship, mostly there just isn't enough mac news each week for the length of this show they tend to rabbit on a bit and cover a bunch of other stuff from other shows on the TWIT network. Now is some could just do the section on the picks of the week that would be nice
The constant bitching about how bad everything and everyone else has lead this to the drop list. I became a chore to listen too and at time dangerous when they decided to shout into the mic.
I probably skipped more than I listened to so it had to make way for the new stuff I'd like to add.

The try out list

Not yet listened to but will take them for a spin