How to create Mulitple Solaris Repositories

Solaris 11 repo setup but you want to have your own repo serving up own home grown packages, separate from your main Solaris 11 image repository. Actually I'd like an extra two repo's I want a dev repo that to test my packaging abilities and a "release" one when I'm ready to publish. Mostly becuase there doesn't seem to be a straight forward way to remove packages from a repo and my packaging skills are work in progress.

So here goes , a new filesystem first
zfs create lake/repo/homedev
zfs list -r lake/repo
lake/repo 18.2G 439G 26K /repo
lake/repo/Solaris11 7.07G 439G 7.07G /repo/Solaris11
lake/repo/Solaris_11_Express 10.5G 439G 10.2G /repo/Solaris_11_Express
lake/repo/homedev 45.9M 439G 45.9M /repo/homedev

Check which port my default repo is on
svccfg -s pkg/server listprop pkg/port
pkg/port count 81
Create my new repo
pkgrepo create /repo/homedev
pkgrepo set -s /repo/homedev publisher/prefix=homedev
Create a new SMF service for my new repo
svccfg -s pkg/server add homedev
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev addpg pkg application
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev setprop pkg/port=82
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev setprop pkg/inst_root=/repo/homedev/
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev setprop pkg/readonly=false
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev addpg general framework
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev addpropvalue general/complete astring: homedev
svccfg -s pkg/server:homedev addpropvalue general/enabled boolean: true
svcadm refresh pkg/server:homedev
svcadm enable pkg/server:homedev

All ready to go now check out http://localhost:82 and should be running. Note reaonly=flase so this is a writeable IPS repo which is what I'm after to install my packages in.