How to use NFS client on Windows 7

So mostly, if you haven't figure that out from reading some of my other stuff, this is a UNIX household Mac OSX , Solaris and some Linux. I stopped using CIFS at home sometime ago it was often painful and had some odd side effects with ACLs on my ZFS file server that I honestly just can't be bothered trying to figure out.

So I have a Windows 7VM that i need to use for some occasional work and today is one of those days. I need an iso image of my file server and Microsoft has finally seen fit to included a NS client, so time to give it a spin.

First up you need to install NFS services, so that would be Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features-> Turn Windows feature on or off and find Services for NFS and check those boxes

Drop to a DOS cmd prompt and while the mount command doesn't support the standard UNIX command syntax, that would be too easy, but it does work like this

mount -u:username \\server\share Z:

Your in business now and I don't need to add SMB shares to my fileserver