DAY 6 Lisa 2010 Dtrace tut

Jim Mauro's Dtrace tut

Dynamic code modification , use mdb to show te zfs_read code (disassemble) and then run dtrace zfs_read with probe entry to show how the code (disassemble is modified) run mdb again. search out the 5th Birthday

Good habit to add to dtrace script use a bail out


Allocates 4M memory per CPU , Thats's vcpu that Solaris sees.

dtrace -l -m ufs,nfs | wc -l ( number of ufs and nfs probes.)

pfexec dtrace -l -P ip (list the probe of the ip provider)

dtrace -n 'profile-997hz /arg0 && curthread->t_pri != -1 { @[stack()] = count(); } tick-10sec { trunc(@, 10); printa(@); exit(0); }'

Are we in the kernel and no in the idle loop

fsstat zfs 1 (6/06 release of Solaris 10)