DAY 2 LISA 2010 ZFS tut

Day two the rain has stopped a little bit of Californian sunshine.

Doing Richard's ZFS tut. 2 thumbs up so far.

Would you believe I didn't know you could set the number of copies zfs keeps of a file, cool learning stuff.

My random notes that won't make sense to anyone but me :-)

zfs set copies=# name


zpool set dedupditto=2 zwimming
2 turns out to be a good setting
zpool set dedup=on,verify zwimming
By deafult verify is not on, always turn on verify
zdb -DD rpool
show depup DDT
zdb -S rpool
Simulate dedup DDT
zfs send -DR zwimming/stuff
Send with dedup

zpool history rpool ( -l option to show user info)

zfs send and receive with mbuffer

Can have user defined properties.

vscan property can point zfs at an icap server for Virus scanning

zfs_vdev_max_pending perhaps 2 for SATA perhaps 4000 for large hardware raid arrays?