Bootcamp update

Sessions 4 & 5 this week and my last session before we head off for two weeks in the USA. A two week absence in the middle of this camp was every reason I needed not to to it, but rather than put it off I choose to do it and work around it. I had good solid workout at both sessions but I need to work on pushing myself more. Weight in this morning at 103.45Kg thats 2KG down on my start weight, so a positive move.

Skiped Kettle Bell class this week in leiu of bike ride, first of the summer, which also gave me the chance to test out the My Tracks application on my phone. Clearly the sample rate is a bit to high on the GPS so I'll need to turn that down.

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Produced some interesting stats, although I'm not sure where the 5 minutes not moving was

Total Distance: 31.43 km (19.5 mi)
Total Time: 1:19:28
Moving Time: 1:14:20
Average Speed: 23.73 km/h (14.7 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 25.37 km/h (15.8 mi/h)
Max Speed: 56.55 km/h (35.1 mi/h