Boot camp Session 2 & 3

Session 2 of boot camp saw some more testing, this time on the rowing machine. The stats read

weight 104.4 Kg
max power split 1:22
100 meter time 17.5 sec
500 meter time 1:33.2
20 min row 4974 M 2:00.6 split

Heres the tip don't eat too much before work out. I'm not use to a late workout (7pm) and I was trying to figure out how I would do it. Got it wrong this time and as a result I was pretty disappointed with my 20 minute row I should have comfortably been able to do a sub 2 minute split instead I really struggled to do what I did.

We didn't do the 500 Meter piece until this morning and 1:33.2 is a PB so the morning must suite me. Need to do the food diary for today.