Boot camp Day 1

Ergfit boot camp started today. It's not the first boot camp I have done so I kinda know what I've signed up for , I think, different crew so it will know doubt have different challenges.

So Sunday start was essentially tests and measure, gauging the start to see where you finish. I tipped the scales at 105.4Kg which was a little more than expected as in recent months I have been around 98-99Kg. The testing finished with 2.3Km run that had a nasty little hill climb at the end 11:40 was my time. I'm sure Michelle, one of the trainers, was worried I was going to require mouth to mouth the way I was trying to suck in the oxygen at the end.

There some focus on setting goals at this boot camp and those that know me will be aware I'm not really a goal setter, perhaps why i'll never achieve greatness :-) Although I have made it a goal over last 18-24 months to improve my fitness and not be held back back previous inquires. It's taken a fair amount of commitment and not inconsiderable amount of sweat thus far, so the real goal now is to kick on and take that to the next level.

over for now