After a flight where the main cabin lights wouldn't work, the lady in front of me required oxygen, and the young boy two rows behind us making use of the sick bag, we arrived in LA this morning. Close to being the last people to pick up our baggage, mostly due to the fact we had just got a queue at Immigration that moved at 1/2 the pace of the others, added to the 2 hour delay in leaving meant for a somewhat later drive from LA to Santa Barbara than expected.

A one hour power nap just after midday at a nice parking spot on Malibu beach we arrived at Santa Barbara just after 2:30. Nice sunny mid twenties day has set the scene for the the weather for the rest of the week with exception of tomorrow which is too be a little drizzly.

After another power nap then we had dinner at Mac Authentic British Fish and Chips followed by a wonder around State Street. Still two days before Halloween but they seem to get into it early here certainly some fancy dress getting about the downtown tonight.

Fading fast time for us to get a full nights sleep.