Moving an iscsi zvol to a new pool

Been working on fixing my 4K sector disk write performance issue, will post something on that later. So I have create a new zpool and after zfs send | zfs receive on the various zfs volumes and filesystem I was left to figure out how to move my iscsi guid's as follows

sbdadm list-lu

Found 4 LU(s)

-------------------------------- ------------------- ----------------
600144f03048810000004c356bc50001 21474836480 /dev/zvol/rdsk/lake/iscsi/windows2008
600144f03048810000004c74b73f0001 10737418240 /dev/zvol/rdsk/lake/iscsi/sol10
600144f03048810000004c90909d0001 10737418240 /dev/zvol/rdsk/lake/iscsi/winxp
600144f03048810000004c91cc540002 21474836480 /dev/zvol/rdsk/lake/iscsi/sol10u9

So these four have been moved to a new zpool so I tried delete-lu and import-lu

stmfadm delete-lu 600144f03048810000004c90909d0001
stmfadm import-lu /dev/zvol/rdsk/lake2/iscsi/winxp
stmfadm: meta file error

Hmmm not what was after but try this on instead using the guid allocated previously

stmfadm create-lu --lu-prop guid=600144f03048810000004c90909d0001 /dev/zvol/rdsk/lake2/iscsi/winxp
Logical unit created: 600144F03048810000004C90909D0001
stmfadm add-view 600144F03048810000004C90909D0001

Done works the Virtual box machine this is attached to runs no problems