Changing Torrent

I'm going to be offloading my torrents to my soon to be new headless file server so changes are needed. I've been using vuze since long before it was vuze, and have a nice comfortable setup. I guess my requirements have changed a little, I don't need fancy features now offered, I won't have the same luxurious memory setup as I currently have, I'm not found of it's remote interface and, as they say a change it as good as a holiday. Time to broaden my horizons . So what I need from a BT client
  • runs on OpenSolaris
  • operates headless
  • able to read and process rss feeds
  • and operate without constant fiddling

So I didn't look to hard, or broaden too much transmission is available for install as an IPS for OpenSolaris, I have also been able to compile a more recent version if required, it will operate headless, has what appears to be usable web interface if required. It does however weriously lacks and ability to read and parse rss feeds to bring the automation I need. Enter flexget, multipurpose automation tool, I'm not apposed to running to different pieces of software to do the job after all it was a plug in doing the work in vuze, and I am a unix guy.

So the plan, replace vuze with transmission and flexget.