What's with Australia Post?

Ok on my high horse. What is with Australia POST these days? It took over 3 months since arriving into the new home before mail started to arrive. Even now we still have problems having multiple envelopes being opened as well. Two official complaints lodge with Aust Post.. why two you ask ... because customer service lost the first one!! Nothing resolved to my satisfaction to date and never will be since there is not other choice. One last thing, I had to chase up customer service as they never once returned my call.

Package delivery... well it seems they never actual ring to see if you are in, two recent occasions in the house all day and the we delivered and you were not home slip appears in the letter box. Wouldn't be so much hassle as the post office is just down the road right. But wait the post office doesn't handle the post, no you have to go to some mail pickup warehouse miles away from civilization. To rub a bit of salt into the wound they are open at customer friendly hours of 10am and 4pm , since the most common reason you couldn't take delivery was because lets see ah yeah you work during the day!! BTW where to I find a job with those hours. I guess the post office is too busy selling ink jet cartridges, printers, people paying bills, and other assorted junk to be concerned about the mail.

Come on Aussie POST how about getting back to your core business, of delivering the post, and try doing that well!! You can save all that TV advertising money you are burning up as there is not much chance of in me using the US Postal system for Australia.